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Here is what readers have to say about V Kusske books:
I lived and worked the streets of Yakima. Many of the people in Officer Kusske's book I knew. I found myself in the middle of stuff no one should have known about. I spent a lot of time hiding from some but staying cordial with others. There are many more stories and places in this town that held so many secrets and still do. Things you never talk about. I want more. Excellent read, I can't wait for the next one.
Roberta Growney
Living in Yakima, this book was fun and interesting. I’ve never done so much research on the old buildings around town. Trying to figure out which parts may have really happened and which parts are a work of fiction! I know the tunnels are real, but have they been mapped? Hmmm. Looking forward to the second and third books!
Michael Fairbairn
Having moved to Yakima from Tacoma In 1992, I found this book so interesting and full of local “flavor!” Many of the local spots were still operating after our move. I had no idea the crime base in Yakima was so widespread, and am so very grateful for the dogged pursuit by the good guys. Excellent read, Mr. Kusske!
Kathy Fritsch

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Victor Kusske, former foot patrol officer, traffic investigator and detective retired from the Yakima Police Department in 1996. He worked for two years investigating fraudulent insurance claims and then for the State of Washington managing child support cases, locating and seizing assets. His hobbies have been sky diving, SCUBA diving, single handed sailing, old cars and traveling. He supports or volunteers with The Blue Knights Motorcycle Club, Saint Joseph Church, Saint Vincent’s Charity, Birthright, Knights of Columbus, International Police Association and The Yakima Police Patrolman’s Association.

Vic continues to live in Yakima with his wife of over 35 years. They enjoy shopping, restaurants, and events in old downtown Yakima City where he used to walk the beat in a very different era.

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Ten-Eight Publishing LLC 420 S 72nd Ave Ste 180/148 Yakima, WA 98908 USA